Tim Tebow Shares Gospel Message of Awareness: ‘Ask God to Open Your Eyes’

Activist, former NFL player, and author Tim Tebow recently aided Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Foundation in assisting persecuted people in Afghanistan.

In a recent Instagram post, Tebow shared his mindset behind actively seeking out the needs of others.

“How do you see people? How do you want to see them?” Tebow asked his 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

“I try hard to stay in the moment and notice the people around me, but it’s so easy to get distracted. Recently, after being really convicted by this, I wrote down a simple goal: I want to have open eyes to people’s needs,” he added. “I want to be more aware of those around me. I want to see what God sees.”

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Tebow confessed that while his goal to be more aware is easy to say, it is more difficult to practice.

“I don’t do it right all the time, but my desire is to try my best. We live in a world of constant distractions. We are always busy with something. Our schedules are packed. It seems we are always rushing here and there…” he said. “We can all benefit from not just focusing on the destination or end goal, but also paying mind to the space around us. There might be an opportunity to make a difference. You could be paying for your coffee and notice someone a few feet away who’s been crying. Take a minute and ask if there is something you can do.”

“It’s not about being perfect. And it’s not about putting everything in your life on hold so you can help or talk to or encourage every single person who crosses your path. It’s just about slowing down and opening your eyes enough to see others,” he added. “I promise you this: if you open your eyes to actually see people, you’ll begin to uniquely see certain people. I’m more attuned to people who have special needs. You may be moved toward noticing people who struggle with depression. Make this your mission. Be intentional in broadening your spatial awareness.”

He encouraged each of his followers to pray and discover to which mission field God is calling them, whether it is overseas or in your neighborhood.

“Ask God to take the blinders of distraction off your eyes and show you people who may need you. Then use the opportunity to help them out, lift up their spirits, or guide them where they need to go,” he wrote. “I want to invite you, in the middle of busyness or even in the middle of fun, to stop. Remember that in the midst of whatever you are doing, people around you are hurting. And if you ask God to open your eyes in whatever you are doing, He can show you an opportunity to impact someone’s life, whether in a big or a small way. It can come at any time, at any place, in the middle of anything you do. You just need to be ready for it. And stop and see.”


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