‘This won’t stop us’: Pastor refuses to back down after his church and others in area are vandalized, targeted apparently by pro-abortion faithful

After a string of churches in the Houston area were vandalized and became targets of other criminal activity following last week’s leaked Supreme Court draft decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade, a pastor of one of the congregations spoke out defiantly against the acts — apparently carried out by pro-abortion adherents.

What are the details?

A spray-painted message reading “Pro-Choice Is Pro-Life” was discovered on the main entrance and a side door of Houston’s Holy Rosary Catholic Church on Monday morning, KRIV-TV reported.

“It’s very unfortunate that people would desecrate the church like this, take their frustration out on the church,” Father Peter Damian Harris told the station.

Image source: KRIV-TV video screenshot

The church changed its hours due to the vandalism: Now it will open 30 minutes before confession and mass and close immediately after, KRIV said.

“It’s very unfortunate, but I’d rather take the necessary precautions than run the risk of someone coming to desecrate our sacred space,” Harris added to the station.

He also told KRIV he believes the vandalism at Holy Rosary is connected to vandalism at two Catholic churches in nearby Katy: St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.

“Most definitely it’s a result of the leak that came out last week, the Supreme Court,” Harris noted to the station.

The tabernacle — often considered the most sacred item in Catholic churches as it contains communion wafers — was taken from St. Bartholomew sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning, Katy magazine reported.

Harris added to KRIV that “someone tried to desecrate the eucharist” at St. Elizabeth.

As for the guilty party responsible for spray-painting graffiti on his church’s doors, Harris had a clear and defiant message.

“I’d rather you come inside and pray and have a conversation and not try to desecrate our sacred space,” he told the station. “This won’t stop us. It propels us to continue to be witnesses for Christ in the world.”

Anything else?

On Sunday in Los Angeles, red-robed protesters disrupted morning mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels — but video captured one fed-up man climbing over a pew and confronting the protesters, stopping them dead in their tracks.

Indeed, reports circulated in regard to “credible threats” about protesters planning to disrupt Mother’s Day weekend church services.


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