God Anytime

SOMETIMES the only God someone ever sees is the God in you and the God in me.

‘Tis the season each as Cantor Scott Borsky is daily delivering pet food to families in need that they begin asking him for help with human food/financial help with children’s gifts/clothing for the holidays. EVERY day he receives sincere and humble requests.

YOUR help is needed!! Be a blessing today. Today.

Each year Cantor Scott’s Charities supplies gift cards for dozens of families in our community needing a beloved helping hand for the holidays.

TODAY and this week, when you’re in any supermarket, any big box store, any retail store, any convenient store, any online (like Amazon) PLEASE buy a gift certificate. The amount does not matter, as he can give a family multiple donation cards.

He can pick them up in your mailbox (Cherry Hill or neighborhood towns, please) and personally give immediately to these wonderful families your true gift of love so they may have a blessed holiday season.

Please text Cantor Scott at 267-971-8799 if you have love to give. Or post below.

“There but for the grace of God go I.”

Cantor Scott’s Charities: https://m.facebook.com/Cantor-Scotts-Charities-2112285049033400/


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