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Lexi Guzman

Lexi Guzman

In my Torah portion, Vayikra, there are many offerings and gifts for God. People were trying to give back after everything God had done for them. I can relate to this with my parents. My mom and dad have done so many things for me throughout my life. They have always been here for me and I can pay them back by being here for them. If either of them ever need help with anything I’m here. They are always the first people I call and always ready to help me, so I try to find ways to give them the same help and love back just like a gift or offering. 

When it came time to do my Mitzvah Project I had many opportunities to help out. I had many options but I knew what I wanted to do from the start. I went to the Ronald McDonald House to help out and do some crafts. The Ronald McDonald House is a place where families stay if a family member is sick at the hospital. I thought it was so horrible what these families have to go through, and when it came time to do my project I knew that I wanted to do something about it. My mom and I looked at the website to see what they need help with. The main thing was making snack packs for the families that are staying there. We went to the store and bought all different types of snacks and filled up 50 little bags. In each bag there is a letter from me saying “Be the rainbow in someone else’s clouds”. I like this quote because it means that even though you are going through a hard time right now, you can still help others and spread happiness. We went and delivered them and a couple weeks later we did the same thing with 50 more bags.


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