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jacob milstein

Jacob Milstein

Bar Mitzvah date: April 10, 2022
Parents: Gwen and Lee

My Torah portion is Metzorah from the book of Leviticus. I can relate to this because in my portion the person has a skin disease and must be quarantined. To be quarantined is one of the actions that God commands of us in the Torah to keep us safe and healthy. Even though quarantining lowers your risk of getting sick, I hate to quarantine because I cannot socialize, go out, or play sports. We have all been going through this for over two years, and it is a pain. But we are all trying to stay safe.

To become a bar mitzvah, a son of the Commandments, it was my responsibility to make the world a better place. To do this, I made dozens of paracord survival bracelets. I chose this idea because it can help any EMT, paramedics, firefighters, police, or the military. I find this a good way to help people because if I’m helping the EMT, they can easily help other people too.


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