may this business be blessed

BUSINESS BLESSING from Cantor Scott Borsky

After a challenging 2020, I have a mission to pray for the complete success of all South Jersey businesses.

This mission was birthed out of my desire to join local businesses in heartfelt faith and I encourage you to do the same!

With my ministry and clergy background, I’ve always felt that God can do amazing things through me every single day in every aspect of my business and those in my community. I want you to engage God in your workday. It first starts with setting the tone in your relationship with God in your business. And the simple takeaway here is very simple…

God is your CEO!

And that’s GOOD NEWS.

Let me bless your South Jersey business. Just a simple 2021 success blessing from me to you in your office or store. This would be my sincere privilege and honor.

I’ll bring with me the plaque below as my gift to you. No cost whatever. Simply a gift to you for great success in all ways.

Business owners of ALL religions, backgrounds and cultures are encouraged and anticipated. I’m an equal opportunity pray-er!!

Just text/call me at 267-971-8799 or to schedule an appropriate day.💞


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