Our Community Celebrates

Jacob Charney

As awesome Jacob Charney approaches becoming a Bar Mitzvah this year, he gives you…PUPS and PEEPS!

Jacob will be baking treats for dogs at the Burlington County Animal Shelter and as a fundraiser, anyone can purchase homemade treats for your dogs OR humans! Here’s how it will work:
🐶 There will be a weekly item for pups and a weekly item for humans.
🐶 He will post the menu items on Monday and baked goods will be available on Sunday.
🐶 Pay what you can.
🐶 He’s also accepting supply donations for the animals at the shelter.

All money raised will be donated to the Burlington County Animal Alliance.

This is such a blessing, as is Jacob.

Anyone who’d like to purchase or donate, please post here. Messages will be lovingly passed to the family.


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