South African Swimmer Takes Olympic Gold, But It’s What’s on Her Cap That Has Us Cheering

For the past few days, we’ve all been busy arguing over whether U.S. gymnast Simone Biles’ dramatic withdrawal from several Olympic events makes her a villain, a hero or a human being.

Meanwhile, most of us probably missed the story of Tatjana Schoenmaker.

Schoenmaker, a South African swimmer, didn’t just win gold in the women’s 200-meter breaststroke at the Tokyo Games on Friday — she set a world record in the process, becoming the first woman to ever go under 2:19 in the event, according to Yahoo.

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Earlier in the week, she gave South Africa its first Olympic swimming medal since 2000, earning silver in the 100-meter breaststroke and breaking an Olympic record in the event in the preliminary round, SportsNet reported.

Schoenmaker’s athletic accomplishments might not have flown completely under the radar, but what was written on her swim cap definitely did — and that’s what has us cheering.

As the Games got underway, Schoenmaker also shared a prayer on her social media accounts.

“Father God may your will be done, may your peace fill us up, may we praise you no matter what the outcome, may we be empowered by your strength to give it our all and may we forever be in awe of your goodness!” she wrote on Twitter.


In her native South Africa, some hope Schoenmaker will inspire more young girls to take up swimming, Reuters reported.

Let’s hope they take away some spiritual motivation from her as well.

In an Olympiad plagued with self-promoting activism and woke ideology, Schoenmaker is a ray of light — pointing right at what this world needs.


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