Looking for an Inspiring Holiday Gift? Check Out this Kindness Book That Benefits Charity

We’re always looking for books that inspire us to feel optimistic and positive about the world, and we are loving this one: HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act At a Time.

Author Brad Aronson was inspired to write HumanKind when his family went through one of the most difficult times of their lives. His wife, Mia, was in the middle of two and a half years of treatment for leukemia when a patient advocate suggested that Mia, Brad, and their five-year-old son, Jack, create projects to provide a purpose, a distraction and a focus for the hours they were spending in the hospital every week.

For Brad’s project, he wrote about the small acts of kindness by friends and strangers that carried his family through that difficult time.

But when he was done, he felt compelled to keep going. What about all the other stories out there? Other stories about seemingly small acts of kindness that had an extraordinary impact, often changing thousands of lives? He decided to seek them out—and those are the golden threads that weave a heartfelt tapestry in this book.

In HumanKind you’ll meet Rita Schiavone, who decided to cook an extra portion of dinner every night to feed to someone in need. Her evening ritual led to a movement that now provides more than 500,000 meals a year. You’ll also meet Larry Stewart, who was homeless when he received a $20 gift that inspired him to become a Secret Santa when he got back on his feet. He went on to give a total of $1.5 million to strangers in need and build a team of thousands who serve their own communities as Secret Santas. Then there’s 6-year-old Gabriel, whose simple request started a global kindness movement. You’ll meet many, many more heroes like these, as well.

HumanKind will inspire you to see the good in the world—and join in. Each chapter concludes with a ‘What We Can Do’ section, containing practical opportunities for how we can all help. And the ‘Hall of Fame’ at the end of the book has a well-vetted list of nonprofits that can guide you to easily channel your energies for good.

The pages will leave you feeling warm and grateful. And in keeping with the book’s theme, all proceeds from this national bestseller go to the nonprofit Big Brothers Big Sisters.

If you’re looking for personalized holiday gifts, Aronson will send GNN readers FREE bookplates inscribed with a message, and signed by the author, which you can add to each book you purchase. Bookplates are stickers you place into the book, creating a unique signed and inscribed edition.

You can buy HumanKind at Amazon and other retailers (see others listed on the book’s website).

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