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Home for women veterans opens in Clark County

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A home dedicated to lady veterans is officially open.

“Anna’s House” is run by the organization, Lady Veterans Connect. LVC helps women as they transition back into society, giving them education on applying for jobs, dressing for success, nutrition, and healing relationships with their family, as well as access to healthcare and other resources.

The facility has 32 beds. There are plans to build cottages outside the center for female veterans with children.

The first woman to live inside the halls of Anna’s House is Fran Howard.

“I went into the Navy when I was 31-years-old,” she said. “I was older than when most people go in.”

She said she worked on a submarine tender, a ship that delivers supplies to submarines.

She said after her service, she focused on her family, acting as the caretaker of her siblings when her parents became sick.

“I kind of put myself on hold and I kind of got lost,” Howard said. “I thought, ‘what do I need to do?’ It was like I couldn’t get myself going, I couldn’t get back on track.”

Howard said she re-routed when a friend told her about LVC.

“This is a start of a brand new life and I’m really psyched about it because I know once I get out of here, and I’m on my own, it’s going to be because of what I’ve learned here,” she said.

Speakers said they were stunned by the transformation of a school into a home.

“Many of us remember the Trapp School in Winchester, this building,” said Mayor Ed Burtner.

“This was a school that had some issues, the building had problems, there was heating and air issues, it took a lot of money from this community to get the job done,” State Representative Ryan Dotson, R-District 73, said.

Speaker after speaker said it was Executive Director Phyllis Abbott’s tenacity that made Anna’s House what it is.

“There were moments, I think, Phyllis, when people doubted it could get done, and yet here we are,” State Senator Dr. Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester said.

Now that it’s open, there’s a call to action.

“I’m proud that this is Clark county, it’s in our home, and let’s continue to remember this location, we need to volunteer our time and make sure that we take care of our female veterans who are out there who need our help,” Sen. Alvarado said.

During the ceremony, Governor Andy Beshear announced in an audio message that June 12 is Women Veterans Day in the Commonwealth.

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