Grey’s Anatomy star helps Subaru adopt all K-5 classrooms in Camden, New Jersey

“Subaru has donated almost 300,000 science books to schools. It’s a really big deal,” Jesse Williams said.

CAMDEN, New Jersey — Schools are welcoming students back, and Camden-based company Subaru is helping to ease the stress for hundreds of families.

Knowing that school supplies can often be a luxury, the car company is making sure both kids and teachers get what they need, especially in their home city.

And a famous and familiar face is joining them in that effort.

Jesse Williams, from Grey’s Anatomy, is helping Subaru get the word out about their partnership with

They just adopted all kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms in the Camden City School District.

Williams, a former Philadelphia school teacher and Temple University alum, says this is very personal for him.

“Subaru has donated almost 300,000 science books to schools. It’s a really big deal,” Williams said. “As a teacher, I know how grateful I would be to get that kind of support. Teachers spend like $700 a year of their own money that they often can’t afford. We already know they’re underpaid. To give their kids basic supplies? They should not have to be doing that.”

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For the schools, this means even more given the times amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Superintendent Katrina McCombs of the Camden City School District says these supplies aren’t just necessary but an equity game changer. Ensuring every child in every classroom has the equipment and confidence for a great school year.

“This donation from Subaru will impact over 3,200 students in 150 classrooms in grades K through 5 and eight of our schools in the city of Camden,” McCombs said. “That’s a huge, huge impact.”

McCombs adds the teachers get to decide how to use the money to best serve their classrooms. The students get some input as well.

The first day of school in the Camden City School District is Tuesday, September 7.


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