Christmas is probably not going to be possible. YES, it is!!

Many news folks and politicians are declaring that “Christmas is probably not going to be possible” this year. We have good news for them — holidays such as Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and Christmas are going to be celebrated by millions and millions of people around the world. The reason is that these holidays are not about gatherings and festivities, but about celebrating your God, your history, your culture and your blessings. People of faith in all religions celebrate the joy of the season, and the wonders and miracles that God gives us each and every day —and even COVID doesn’t change that! Holiday celebrations may not be exactly the same this year, but for the faithful, the everlasting blessings of God are in our hearts.

Our prayer is that this holiday season millions of people will turn to God and put their faith and trust in Him as the pandemic continues around the world. Join us in this prayer.

May God be with us all and continue to bless us. May the true meaning of these holidays be felt more than ever.

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