Anything Help God Bless

Anything Helps God Bless

As many of my friends go about finishing shopping this season, you’re bound to pass someone on the street asking for help, especially during our season of COVID. Some of you may give change, others may ignore.

How did that person end up there?

I lean towards the view that it isn’t up to us to judge why someone is asking for the money. They may use it on alcohol, or towards the mortgage on their nice home, or even a sports car. They may have a cigarette in one hand while asking for help with the other. What they turn and do with the money is only for God to judge.

There are often people that are out for the scam. I fully admit that. This has been documented on various news shows and reports. But what if you walk past that person in real need that you might just change the rest of their life by reaching out?

I have a clear understanding that God provides me with what I need. I understand what I have above and beyond that is on loan to me until God shows my heart a person who needs it.

What are your thoughts?


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